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Dog Breeding
Dog Breeding
Dog Breeding, What is this?
There are generally three types of dog breeding: Inbreeding, Line breeding and Out crossing. Basically, a dog breeder considers several factors before proceeding.... Read Full Article
Selective Breeding or Artificial Selection
Breeders of animals are looking to grow dogs, cats and other animals with certain desirable attribute, such as resistance to dieses, different physical shapes, animal character and others.... Read Full Article
Selecting Breeder
Selecting Breeder
Select a legitimate dog breeder
By personally talking with the breeder, legitimacy can be established. A legitimate breeder would be very cooperative and willing to answer all questions. ... Read Full Article
Aggressive dog breeds, is the most missused statement around
People choose to categorize a dog, and consider them an "aggressive breed". The problem is not the dog itself. It is the owner.... Read Full Article
Japanese Akita Japanese Akita
Norfolk Terrier Norfolk Terrier
Afghan Hound Afghan Hound
Sloughi Sloughi
Schnauzer Schnauzer
Pointer Pointer
Dachshund Dachshund
Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel
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Do you have experience caring for exotic pets? Of... Read Full Forum
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  Pet Bonding Activities
Share activities that have helped you build a dee... Read Full Forum
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  Pet communication
Share your insights into decoding your pet's body... Read Full Forum
Dogs kaytlynsarah 0 151 8/28/2023 10:14 AM  

  Pet communication
Share your insights into decoding your pet's body... Read Full Forum
Dogs kaytlynsarah 0 155 8/28/2023 10:14 AM  

  Weight Loss
I think that my Siberian Husky is getting too hea... Read Full Forum
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  A little help with my doggies
Hi! I need some help with my doggies because I th... Read Full Forum
Training Gianna 4 6592 12/16/2022 11:03 AM  

  Training My Dog Easily
Iam Training My Dog With Dog Training 101 Ebook. ... Read Full Forum
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  Sexy Dogs' Names
Some dogs seem sexy in the eyes of their owners. ... Read Full Forum
Names maynard 8 14141 8/1/2022 2:43 PM  

  What to feed my pug puppy?
Hi y'all! My friend just gave me a 2 month old pu... Read Full Forum
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  Who invented dog food?
I'm still curious about this matter, does anyone ... Read Full Forum
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  Does your dog sleep with you every night?
Hey all! i have a cute little puppy named Mitch. ... Read Full Forum
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  Name of your dog
Hi y'all! I just want to know what the name of yo... Read Full Forum
Names Gianna 3 4266 3/31/2012 5:04 AM  

  Deaf dogs
My dog is deaf and its hard to deal with this pro... Read Full Forum
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  Need help with my dog
Hi guys I hope that you can help me solve my prob... Read Full Forum
Dogs jane 2 4299 3/2/2012 4:20 AM  

  What to do with a stray dog?
A few nights ago while my friends and I were watc... Read Full Forum
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  Chocolates for dogs
Is it alright if I feed a piece of chocolate to m... Read Full Forum
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  Bark mitzvahs for your dog
Just read online that dog are being put through B... Read Full Forum
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  Willing to adopt
I am willing to adopt Schnauzer if you live in Sa... Read Full Forum
Rescue Gooner 1 3015 1/6/2012 9:09 AM  

  Dry Skin!
Hi guys! I have a problem with my dog because I s... Read Full Forum
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  Buying Dog Food
I want to find out top 10 products that are good ... Read Full Forum
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